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The value of networking is not measured by the number of people we meet but by the number of people that we introduce to others." ... Simon Sinek

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Business Networking 4 Business (Bn4B) is a local group of business executives working together to help build each other’s business. By establishing relationships with other local businesses we are able to build a foundation of trust that naturally generates leads for one another. We have decided to generate a group with quality people that I can trust and have no doubt that when we refer business to them they will surpass by expectations.

I have been networking for almost a decade now and have learned a lot. One of the most import things in networking is relationship building. By building a relationship with your peers you begin to develop a friendship that then leads to your ability to trust that person. Once you have established a solid relationship built on friendship and trust you can be certain that warm quality referrals will be generated as a result.

One of the best ways to develop that relationship is being in a networking group. However, I have determined over the years after being in almost every group there is that not all networking groups are created equal. As a result, I decided to take what I have learned from the different groups I’ve been in and create one that superior in relationship building to simulate warm quality leads. Thus, Business Networking 4 Business was born.

HOW does it all work?

Networking meetings (2x/month, Think Tank (Brain storming session during meeting), and Monthly Networking Events (Opportunity to Network with group and other businesses/friends).

Networking Meetings

  • Networking between experienced business professionals
  • Meetings are held twice a month
  • Each member will be from a non-competing business to eliminate conflicts
  • Attendance critical
  • Objective: help each other build our businesses and prosper
  • May attend 1 – 2 meetings without cost or obligation but then must join the Business Networking 4 Business leads group.

Think Tank

A think tank is an opportunity for participants to address a specific issue with fellow businesses. All businesses tend to have a common goal and struggles along the way. By having a think tank session during the meeting we are able to provide support, guidance, and feedback of what has worked in the past or things that we have done that were a success.

Networking Events

Once a quarter Business Networking 4 Business host a complimentary Networking event. This is a very important warm lead generation tool. It also provides the current members with the opportunity to build relationships with one another. As a group we invite different business and friends out for a fun time and a chance to learn more about what it is we do. Providing our members the opportunity to be in front of businesses/people they may have otherwise not had the chance to be in front of.

Growing Chapters

Boca Raton

Peninsula Plaza
2424 N Federal Highway
Boca Raton, Fl 33431
1st & 3rd Wednesday

West Palm Beach

Fountain View
(The Welcome Center)
111 Executive Center Dr.
West Palm, Beach FL 33401
2nd & 4th Wednesda


Harbor Chase of Wellington Crossing
8785 Lake Worth Road,
Wellington, FL 33467
2nd & 4th Thursday

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